Monday, November 24, 2008

God must love crazy people

He made so many of us
When we talk to ourselves
on a busy street and we are not
talking into a cellphone
he smiles

When we start arguments out of nothing
and imagine persecution
so person we bleed, literally we bleed
he wants to cry

When we miss the rent because
we had to spent the only money we had
on a Krazy Kat clock with ping pong eyes
it is fulfilling as if this
was what the universe was for

When we weep ourselvbes to sleep
because we can't seem to change
and we drive everyone we love
out into the night cursing
it matters, it matters a great deal to him

Must must love crazy people or why
would he make them the way that they are
impossible to put with
and unhealable as disease

Hhe loves us because
we remind him of him
to the heart